trays of salad seedlings. the colours range from purple to green to red

Seeds To Sow in June

Hello June! The start of summer and my favourite summer month. The days are long and we can sit out for hours and hours in the evening, pottering, pruning and al fresco dining. There are still many months of the growing season left. We can plant our tomatoes outside and even direct sow many vegetables.

Courgettes – I’ve got to admit I am a little late to the courgette party this year however June does mean that I can sow direct into the soil which will save me so much time as I won’t have to worry about pots drying out, nor will I have to spend time planting out. We have a lovely variety called Cocozelle this year which I cannot wait to harvest!

Fennel – Traditionally the best time to sow fennel is after the summer solstice as it is said that there is less chance of it bolting.

Beetroot – Whilst we try and succession sow all season, if you sow beetroot seeds now you should get a harvest around September

Carrots – A sowing of carrots now will give you a harvest later in the year just in time for those warming autumn roast dinners!

Cucumber – We just love the crunch and freshness of a homegrown cucumber – the temperatures are warm and perfect for direct sowing this month. Let them ramble over the vegetable patch and they will also help you to keep the weeds down so it’s win win!

Kale – If, like me, you can’t get enough of homemade Kale crisps then keep sowing more of these gorgeous greens!

Radishes – For a peppery crunch to all of those summer salads keeps sowing your radishes throughout the season. Don’t forget to use the greens too – they are delicious sauteed!

French Beans & Runner Beans – direct sow this month and they will reward you with an abundance of delicious beans that you can either eat young or allow to mature so that you can dry them for winter storage

Spring Onions – My personal favourite are our Ishikura onions as they are perennial and I am here for anything that takes care of itself! You can also harvest your maincrop onions early when they are small and use as a spring onion.

Swede – I know it is too early to think about Autumn when summer is only just beginning but you will thank me for making a sowing of swedes this month when you are ready for a nice cosy soup or stew on those chilly autumn evenings!

Kohl Rabi – The weird spacey looking vegetable that is so delicious in a summery coleslaw or stir fry. Just make sure to keep them covered or you will be fighting with the pigeons for your share!

Basil – I’ll be sowing basil, basil and more basil this month…. Greek, Purple, Thai and the traditional Genovese. Literally, as much as I can grow. Then I’ll also be taking cuttings and rooting them in water to get even more plants. You cannot beat the freshness and flavour of homegrown basil in salads, pesto, pasta sauces, pizza…. the list goes on. A real taste of summer and uncompromisable.

Peas – I’ll be sowing both garden peas and mange tout varieties. Both will be used for pea shoots in salads and I delight over the crunch of a fresh mange tout, so much so that they rarely make it to the dinner plate!

There really could not be a better time to start sowing and growing some amazing homegrown goodness. The temperatures are perfect and you will reap the rewards of your efforts in no time at all!

Happy Sowing!