Organic Cucumber ‘Crystal Lemon’


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Our Cucumber ‘Lemon’ is a cucumber with a difference!

It is an outdoor variety which produces round, yellow cucumbers that are about the size of a lemon…hence it’s name! The fruits are crisp and delicious and can be eaten straight from the vine.

The cucumber seeds should be sown in trays or modules in the spring. Pot on when the seedlings are large enough to handle and transplant outdoor cucumbers after the risk of frost has passed. 

Seed Story

Cucumbers originated in India and have been in cultivation for around 3000 years. 

They were recorded in France in 9th Century, England in 14th Century and America by mid 16th Century. They weren’t popular in England initially until they were re-introduced in 17th Century. 

The Romans embraced the cucumber as both a food crop and a medicine. They were used to treat bad eye sight and scorpion bites.  The Roman Emperor Tiberius ate a cucumber every single day of the year! 

Popularity of the cucumber ceased for a time in the 18th century when it was believed that uncooked vegetables were a health risk and it wasn’t until 19th century that this belief was reversed. 

The cucumber is popular in Ayurvedic medicine where it has many different uses. 

It is a symbol of fertility in Buddhism and throughout history, many cultures have considered them to boost fertility.