About US

the allotment in bloom


I’m Helene! I am the founder of The Heritage Organic Seed Company and a self confessed seed addict!

Starting this company has been a dream of mine for a few years – I have a passion for growing my own and living more sustainably but there is just something about seeds that I find really exciting. The potential in a tiny seed never ceases to amaze me and I am like a child at Christmas when I see the first little sprouts of seedlings! It is a feeling that I don’t think will ever get old for me. 

I feel strongly about the need to preserve and promote heritage seed types (also known as heirloom seeds). Modern seed laws are becoming so strict and extremely costly for growers to adhere to and I worry that lots of seed varieties will be lost forever because growers cannot afford to maintain them if there is no demand. 

I also really wanted to change the way we buy our seeds by trying to make the whole process more interesting and engaging. If you buy seeds in a shop you are often looking at rows upon rows of seeds without really knowing much about them or getting any real inspiration to grow them other than perhaps a picture on the packet. 

I decided that what we needed was a story that would make the process more interesting and fun! 

So my strapline “Seeds with a Story” was born.

Heritage seeds have a story to tell – they are often passed down through generations or have been grown in a certain locality and have become part of local culture. I wanted to share those stories with you…sometimes there is even some myth and magic for added fun!

We delve into the history of our seeds, not limited just to the variety but into the history of the species as a whole. I find it fascinating that lettuce seeds did not used to be grown for the leaves as we do today but for the oil in the seeds, that people used to grow oregano as somewhere for the fairies to sleep or that Larkspur was often planted by the front door to ward off evil spirits.

Finally it was important to me that the seeds were organic. It is my firm belief that organic growing systems play a pivotal role in the fight against climate change as they promote and support biodiversity and soil health. I want to encourage people to support the organic movement for their own health and the health of our planet. 

If you want to get a good overview of the benefits of organic farming I highly recommend the documentary ‘Kiss the Ground’ which is often on Netflix. It gives you a clear understanding of the impact chemical farming has had on the climate and the soil and why soil health, promoted by organic methods is the key to change. It really does make you think.

I really hope you enjoy our seeds and our stories and I hope they give you inspiration to grow your own with a different level of appreciation.

Happy Sowing!