Organic Salad Onion ‘Ishikura’


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Soil Association Organic Logo          Allium Fitulosum – 1g – Approx 250 seeds         

A Japanese bunching onion that is easy to grow. It is also known as a Welsh onion or a spring onion

Onion Ishikura is a perennial and multiplies in spring and autumn. It does not bulb, it forms clumps of leek like stems.

Direct sow these onion seeds from late spring to mid summer. Sow every three weeks for a continuous supply. Harvest around 10-12 weeks after sowing when they are around 1cm across.

Seed Story

The Japanese bunching onion is a native to China dating back to 200 BC.

Selected for flavour, vigour and their ability to propagate themselves it is a popular ingredient in Asian cuisines.

The flowers are very attractive to bees.

the Japanese bunching onion is easy to grow from seed, is cold tolerant and once established requires little maintenance. Ideal for growing alongside Asian greens in cooler seasons.