Organic Basil ‘Deep Purple’

Ocimum Basilicum – 0.73g – Approx 600 Seeds.        Soil Association Organic Logo

Purple Basil is a real stunner with its deep purple leaves and its pink flowers.

It is often used in rice dishes.

The seeds should be sown indoors in trays or modules in early spring to early summer at a temperature of approx 22°c. Pot on the seedlings when they are large enough to handle and plant out from June. Alternatively you can direct sow the seeds from June. Sow successionally for a continuous supply.

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Seed Story

Basil is a member of the mint family. It is native to India and has been cultivated for 5000 years

The leaves may be bruised to inhale their aroma or to rub on forehead to relax from a stressful day.

Basil is known to aid digestion and basil essential oil can be used to increase mental alertness and focus.

Sweet basil is widely used in Ayurvedic medicine where it balances the Vata and Kapha doshas.

Basil plants are often used as a fly repellent and is a good companion plant to deter flying insects. The leaves can be broken and rubbed on the skin as a mosquito deterrent.

The Egyptians used basil as an embalming and preserving herb

The Ancient Greeks used it as a symbol of mourning where it was called ‘Kingly Herb’

Basil is a good companion for tomato plants and the two are often paired together in culinary use.