Organic Cosmos ‘Cosmea’


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Soil Association Organic Logo           Cosmos Bipinattus – 0.5g – Approx 75 Seeds        


Flowers: July to October

These seeds will produce tall plants with pink, red and white daisy like flowers with lacy, fern like foliage.

Cosmos is a great plant for attracting butterflies, bees and other beneficial insects to the garden and they make a popular cut flower.

Sow Cosmos seeds from late winter to early summer in trays or modules at 21°c. Pot on when large enough to handle and plant out after the risk of frost has passed.

Alternatively direct sow in late spring/early summer.

Deadhead regularly to promote further flowering.

Seed Story

Cosmos originates from Mexico and South America.

Its name comes from the Greek word Kosmos which means harmony or ordered universe.

It is believed to be lucky and according to folklore it attracted fairies to the garden!

In Victorian floriography Cosmos is the symbol of joy in life and love.

Cosmos is associated with the throat chakra and they are believed to remove energy and spiritual blockages. It Is often used by public speakers to improve their voice.

It is also a traditional medicine for treating Malaria in Mexico and Brazil.

It is the flower of October birthdays and 2nd Wedding anniversaries.