Organic Dwarf Nasturtium


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A vegetable garden would not be complete without Nasturtiums!

They make great companion plants attracting bees and pollinators to your garden but also drawing in aphids and keeping their away from your precious vegetables.

You can also eat the leaves and flowers from these plants. They have a peppery flavour and are wonderful additions to a summer salad. Our favourite recipe is Nasturtium leaf pesto!

This is a dwarf, non trailing variety producing vibrant red, orange and yellow flowers from summer right through to autumn. This variety is also a good option for growing in pots.

Nasturtiums are prolific self seeders so save the seed for next year!

Seed Story

Nasturtiums are native to Peru and were brought to Europe by the Spanish explorers in the 1500s. Nasturtiums have been documented in the US since 1700s and were planted in Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello garden

Over its history it has been considered a fruit, a flower a herb and a vegetable!

In Latin its name translates to “nose twister” due to its peppery flavour!

The leaves are high in vitamin c and used to be made into a tea to help prevent colds and flu.

The flowers are a symbol of victory.

Nasturtiums make fantastic companion plants across the vegetable garden. they not only attract beneficial insects and bees but they also attract pests away from your brassicas, cucurbits, legumes and nightshade plants!