Organic Lemon Balm


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Soil Association Organic Logo          Melissa Officinalis – 0.13g – Approx 200 Seeds        

Height: 75cm

Position: Prefers a sunny location


Lemon Balm is a delight to have in your herb garden. It adds a refreshing touch to summer drinks and makes a delightful tea. It is also a ‘must have’ plant to grow if you want to attract bees and pollinating insects to your garden.

It is a perennial herb and very easy to grow from seed.

The leaves are best used fresh, their flavour can be lost in cooking. They add a lovely touch to summer drinks and fruit salads. For maximum flavour, enjoy the leaves before the flowers open.

The seeds can be sown year round on the soil surface at approx 20°c and the plants can be planted out after the risk of frost has passed. They can also be direct sown during spring and summer.

Lemon balm can grow to 75cm growth can be restricted with regular trimming which will also encourage fresh shoots.

It can also be divided in the autumn if it is spreading too much

Seed Story

Lemon Balm is native to Central Europe and the Mediterranean.

It’s latin name ‘Melissa’ is the Greek word for honey bee and it was believed that putting sprigs of the herb in an empty bee hive would attract a swarm. It is often planted around hives to encourage the bees to stay.

Its small white flowers attract bees and pollinating insects and as such many people plant it around orchards.

Lemon Balm tea is a refreshing drink and can can help relieve stress, headaches and tension.

The oil is used in aromatherapy to help with depression and insomnia.

It is also believed to promote a long life.