Freshly picked salad leaves


Growing your own food is not at all complicated but many people don’t know where to start and are afraid to get their hands dirty.
Some of our absolute favourite things to grow are also some of the easiest. If you are new to growing your own food then why not start with something simple.


There are lots of different types of salad leaves. Salad leaves can have such exciting flavours and can have such vibrant colours that you will never again have a boring, bland salad. Many salads can be grown as cut and come again types. If you grow them in a pot near your kitchen door you can pop out to pick a few salad leaves every day. Salads are also quick to grow so you really feel like you are making some progress wiithin just a few weeks.

Some of our favourite salad leaves are the oriental types like Chinese mustards and mizuna – they add a subtle peppery kick. We also love our stunning Merveille des Quatre Saisons as the summer gets going.


Forget about those under ripe, flavourless tomatoes so often found in the supermarket. A homegrown tomato is like nothing else you have tasted. Tomatoes are really easy to grow in pots if the plants are tied to some supports. You should feed and water your tomato plants consistently in order to reap the rewards. The smell and flavour of a homegrown tomato is truly irresistible. Our absolute favourite is our St Pierre tomato.


Courgettes are ridiculously easy to grow. Keep them well fed and watered and they will reward you with bountiful harvests – you will quite literally be giving them away as the summer progresses! Courgette plants barely require any other maintenance. We have both green and yellow varieties; Cocozelle and Gold Rush

These are just some of our favourite, easy crops to grow but there are so many others too. So why not have a go at growing your own and grow the kitchen garden of your dreams!

Happy Sowing!