Organic Mizuna


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Soil Association Organic Logo          Brassica Rapa – 1.11g – Approx 500 seeds        

An heirloom Japanese mustard green from the Kyoto region of Japan.

Extremely cold tolerant making it perfect for growing in our colder months.

Mizuna is a vigorous plant with deeply cut serrated leaves that have a spicy flavour. It can be eaten raw in a salad or cooked in a stir fry and soups etc.

Direct sow mizuna seeds in spring or sow undercover in late summer/early autumn. Avoid mid summer sowings as plants may bolt in hot weather. Harvest the leaves regularly.

Seed Story

Mizuna is a Japanese mustard green that has been cultivated in Japan since ancient times

It has a mild peppery taste, milder than rocket

Mizuna has even been grown successfully in the International Space Station!