Organic Sweetcorn ‘Golden Bantam’


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Golden Bantam is a popular heritage variety from the early 1900’s.

It is an early variety with sweet kernels that are often much bigger than more modern varieties. Such is the quality of Golden Bantam that it is often used as a basis for many of the modern hybrids.

The seeds should be sown in large modules under cover in April. Plant the seedlings out when the risk of frost has passed and plant in blocks 45cm apart. Alternatively direct sow around mid May with 2-3 seeds per planting hole. Thin to the strongest seedling.

Seed Story

Sweetcorn is one of the 6 types of Maize.

Corn seeds were brought back to Europe by Christopher Columbus but unfortunately he did not bring back the knowledge of how to grow them!

The first documented sweetcorn was called Papoon and was grown by the Iroquois tribe in 1779.

The Iroquois grew corn using the Three Sisters method; The Sustainers of Life which is a traditional way of growing that sustained generations of Iroquois people. Corn, beans and squash are grown together – the corn provides something for the beans to climb up and the squash rambles on the ground to provide shade to the soil which helps to retain moisture and the squash also keeps the weeds down!

Sweetcorn is now one of the most popular vegetables in the USA!

Corn is a symbol of fertility, prosperity, joy and growth!