Organic Sorrel ‘Red Veined’


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Soil Association Organic Logo        Rumex Sanguineus – 0.44g – Approx 400 Seeds.

Hardy Perennial

Height: 60cm – 120cm

Position: Full sun or partial shade

Sorrel is a perennial herb with a lemon like flavour. It can be used fresh in salads, marinades and dressings or it can be used as greens in cooking. The flavour can be quite intense so the young leaves are preferred for salads. It is also good for tenderising meat.

Sorrel seeds can be direct sown from spring to early summer. Thin to around 15cm apart. Harvest when the leaves are small, around 6 – 8 weeks after sowing. Do not allow the plant to flower as the leaves will become tough.

Seed Story

Sorrel is native to Europe, Asia and North America.

Rumex is the latin name for Rumo which means ‘I suck’ – Roman soldiers used to suck sorrel leaves to relieve thirst.

It is said to have blood improving qualities similar to spinach but it should not be consumed in large quantities.

Sorrel makes a good dye plant which is useful for anyone who likes to make natural dyes.

Did you know that sorrel juice can be used instead of rennet to curdle milk?