Organic Onion ‘Long Red Florence’


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Soil Association Organic Logo        Allium Cepa – 0.8g – Approx 200 Seeds

Long Red Florence is an Italian heirloom from the 1800’s. It originated from the capital of Tuscany.

It produces torpedo shaped bulbs which have a deep purple-red colour and can grow to around 6 inches in length.

Its flavour is superb – a perfect balance of mild and sweet.

The bulbs are packed with the antioxidant anthocyanin

Long Red Florence is a great onion for salads and for pickling. It can be picked as a spring onion or left to mature. 

These onion seeds can be sown in trays or modules from January to March or direct sow in April. Harvest from July to September as required.

Seed Story

Onions are one of the worlds most cultivated vegetables and form the basis of many meals

There are records of onions in Ancient Egypt in the 4th Century where they were a symbol of eternal life due to their  rings. They were buried with their pharaohs.

In Ancient Rome gladiators were rubbed down with onions to firm up their muscles.

Ancient Greek athletes used onions in diet to lighten the balance of the blood

Onions are a good source of vitamin c and captains of ships searching for new worlds noticed that sailors who ate raw onions did not get scurvy.