Organic Carrot ‘Nantes 2’


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Soil Association Organic Logo         Daucus Carota – 0.67g – Approx 600 Seeds        

Nantes2 is a popular french early variety. It is a medium length carrot with a smooth skin, fine texture and excellent flavour.

The carrot seeds should be direct sown in late spring or earlier if under cover. Cover the seeds with a fine layer of soil. Thin the seedlings to 5.6cm when they are large enough. Avoid sowing into freshly manured, wet or stony ground. Harvest early sowings from June and sow successionally through to mid summer.

Seed Story

Carrots are believed to originate from Asia and when first cultivated they were actually grown for their aromatic leaves and seeds rather than the colourful tap root we consume today.

The original carrots were actually yellow and purple and sometimes red, black and white.

They weren’t cultivated for food until around the 10th Century in Persia and were often yellow or purple

In ancient Egypt purple was the most common colour for carrots.

In Europe carrots were first domesticated between the 12th and 15th centuries but were often yellow and the orange carrot wasn’t actually developed until 17th Century in the Netherlands