Organic Egyptian Mint


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Soil Association Organic Logo          Mentha Rotundifolia – 0.9g – Approx 800 seeds       

Mint is a hardy perennial that can be grown in almost any climate.

Egyptian Mint is less invasive than other mint varieties, it is milder than spearmint and peppermint and has a similar flavour to apple mint.  It grows to a height of around 70cm.

Mint is very easy to propagate as it roots easily in the soil as it spreads so you can simply take cuttings from the rooted stems.

Sow mint seeds indoors in trays or modules in the spring or direct sow from May. Harvest regularly to encourage growth.

Mint is often planted in a buried pot to prevent it spreading too much in its planting position as some varieties can quickly take over.

Seed Story

Mint has been cultivated since ancient times and has been found in Egyptian tombs in 1000BC. There are writings to show that even back then Mint was used to aid digestion.

According to Greek Mythology Minthe was a river nymph who fell in love with Hades, god of the Underworld. Hades’ queen was jealous and turned Minthe into the mint plant.

Mint it is good for digestion, helps concentration, it is antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic – often taken as a tea made from the leaves.

Mint is a good companion for tomatoes and cabbages. 

Egyptian Mint is a very fragrant, ornamental plant and is attractive to butterflies and bees.

Mint is often planted around carrots, tomatoes, alliums and brassicas to confuse pests. Planting mint within your lettuce patch will help to keep slugs at bay.