Organic Broad Bean ‘Super Aquadulce’


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Our Broad Bean ‘Super Aquadulce’ is a delightful, high yielding variety with really good sized pods. Hardy to around -11°c which makes it an ideal variety for overwintering. Of course, they can also be sown during late winter and we recommend both autumn and late winter sowings to stretch out the harvesting season!

The seeds can either be sown in pots ready for planting out in the spring or direct sown. The plants will need supporting as they grow.

Seed Story

The humble broad bean is also known as a fava bean in the United States and Italy. Once upon a time they were even used for voting in The Netherlands!

The Romans believed that the broad bean contained the souls of their ancestors and in Italy, broad beans are traditionally sown on November 2nd; All Souls Day.

The great Philosopher, Pythagoras forbade his followers from eating broad beans as they were a symbol of death.

In folklore the velvety insides of the pods were used as a remedy for worts!

Today, broad beans are the primary ingredient of Egyptian Falafel (as opposed to the chickpea version that we are so familiar with!). In Finland, broad beans are used in a meat alternative called Harkis and it is being explored as a meat substitute in other countries looking for plant based meat alternatives.

It is said that broad beans are lucky and that if you carry one on you then you will never be without the essentials of life!