Organic Cauliflower ‘Snowball’


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Soil Association Organic Logo          Brassica Oleracea Var. Botrytis – 0.83g – Approx 250 seeds      

Cauliflower snowball is a traditional all season cauliflower developed in 1888.

It is a compact plant and they can be planted closer together than other types. It thrives in cooler temperatures.

Sow these cauliflower seeds undercover in trays or modules in the spring for harvesting July and August. Can also be sown in October for a June harvest.

Seed Story

Cauliflower is a form of cabbage from the mustard family and is older than the broccoli

Early forms of cauliflower are thought to originate from Cyprus, they were bred from the wild cabbage around the 16th Century.