Organic Cabbage ‘Red Drumhead’


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Soil Association Organic Logo          Brassica Oleracea Var. Capitata – 0.91g – Approx 250 seeds       

Red Drumhead cabbage is a deep red heirloom variety from the 1860’s featuring densely packed leaves with a dark red heart.

It is a reliable cropper which can be sown as a summer cabbage or an autumn/winter one.

Sow these cabbage seeds undercover in trays or modules in the spring or can be direct sown April to June. Harvest August to October.

Seed Story

Red cabbage originates from Europe

The first record of red cabbage in England is during 1570 but we do know that it was used by peasant families in the 14th Century to feed themselves and their livestock. Red cabbage was introduced by the Romans.

Red cabbage is 10 times more nutrient dense than green cabbage  with high levels of antioxidants. A real superfood!