Organic Tomatillo ‘Purple’


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If you are a fan of Mexican cuisine then you are in for a treat with these stunning purple tomatillos which are the perfect ingredient for an amazing salsa!

They are grown just like a tomato plant, either in the ground in a sheltered position or in a container. The fruits also look like tomatoes but they grow inside a pretty papery lantern.

Tomatillos have a sharp, citrusy tang and will develop more sweetness as they ripen. These purple tomatillos are sweeter than their green counterparts although it does take longer for them to ripen to their purple colour.

The seeds should be sown indoors in mid winter to mid spring at 18-21°c. Pot on when the plants are around 8cm tall and continue to pot on as they grow. Plant out when the risk of frost has passed.

Seed Story

The tomatillo has been cultivated since Aztec times with documentation back as far as 900 BCE in the Tehuacan Valley in Mexico.

Also known as the husk tomato the name actually translates to ‘little tomato’, however, whilst they are in the tomato family they are actually more closely related to the Cape Gooseberry!

Tomatillos are primarily grown in Mexico and Guatemala and are not too common in UK supermarkets so growing your own gives you access to this incredible ingredient and also reduces the food miles drastically!