Organic Thyme


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Soil Association Organic Logo          Thymus Vulgaris – Common Thyme – 0.15g – Approx 600 seeds       

Thyme is a hardy perennial.

It is found in Bouquet Garni and Herbes de Provence.

The bees love the tiny pink flowers which appear during early to mid summer.

A popular culinary and medicinal herb with a magical history!

Sow thyme seeds undercover in trays or modules in spring to early summer.

Seed Story

It has long been believed that Thyme is a source of bravery, strength and courage. In the middle ages people gave gifts of Thyme to knights and soldiers as a farewell for this reason.

The Romans used it as a pain reliever and the Egyptians used its oil for embalming. Both cultures burned Thyme to purify the air.

It has strong antiviral and antisceptic properties.

A Thyme tea can be good for sore throats and even hangovers and it is also known to be a digestive aid.

Folklore has long associated Thyme with fairies! There have been many potions and rituals that have been developed with the herb to enable one to see fairies. Fairies are believed to sleep in patches of Thyme and those of us who ‘believe’ will often plant Thyme to invite them into our gardens.

The strong scent of thyme will deter blackfly making it a good companion for roses and broad beans. Spraying a thyme tea onto cabbages can assist with preventing whitefly.