Organic Dill


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Height: 60cm – 150cm

Dill is a fast growing herb with aromatic, feathery leaves. Both its leaves and seeds are edible however the leaves are much milder so are used in cooking to enhance a dish rather than to flavour it.

Dill has a slightly citrus flavour with a hint of anise.

Dill seeds are best sown direct from mid spring to mid summer. The leaves can be harvested as required. To maximise the life of the plant, pinch out the flower buds as they appear. If you want the seeds then let the plant flower and harvest the seeds when the flower heads turn brown. Sow dill seeds successionally for a continuous supply.

Seed Story

Dill is native to Southern Europe and Asia and has been in use since 1st Century!

The romans used it as a good luck symbol and ancient Egyptians used it to ward off witches which continued throughout the middle ages.

The Gospel of St Matthew held the herb in such high regard that its value was sufficient to be used as a tax payment! If only that were still the case today!

Dill water, which is made using the seed, can help indigestion – it has calming and anti-spasmodic properties.

Dill should be kept away from fennel to avoid cross pollination. It is said that if it is planted near cabages, lettuces and cucumbers that it will help repel aphids.

The flowers are attractive to beneficial insects such as hoverflies.

Did you know that Dill seed can even be used as a salt replacement?!