Organic Climbing French Bean ‘Neckargold’


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Neckargold is an amazing French heirloom producing long, stringless yellow pods. It is a variety that we sought out for its colour and flavour!

This is a vigorous climber that will grow to around 2.5m and WILL need support! Its tasty pods grow to around 20cm in length and will ripen from pale green to yellow.

Sow french beans in pots or large modules under cover in the spring and plant out after the risk of frost has passed. Alternatively direct sow after the last frost. The plants will need supports to climb. Harvest the beans when they ripen to yellow.

Seed Story

There are two types of French bean; climbing beans and bush beans. Both types originate from Central and South America and were brought to Europe by Christopher Columbus in 16th Century.

They became particularly common in France where they were known as ‘Haricots verts’ which translates to green beans although they can also be purple, red and yellow in colour, not just green!

French beans are high in Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Fibre and Potassium

As with all beans, french beans should be cooked prior to eating as they contain the toxic protein Phytohaemagglutinin.