Organic Aubergine ‘Listada de Gandia’


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Aubergine Listada de Gandia is a truly stunning Spanish heirloom dating back to around 1850. It has a creamy white skin with striking purple stripes. 

This is an oval shaped aubergine which grows up to 18cm in length and its flesh is sweet and tender.

Sow aubergine seeds indoors in mid winter to mid spring in trays or modules at 18-21°. 

Pot on to 8cm pots when the seedlings are large enough to handle. 

The plants will need support as they grow. 

Harvest when the fruits are firm, plump and shiny.

Seed Story

There is a division of opinion on where aubergines, also known as eggplants, originate from but it is believed to be China or India. 

Wild relatives of the eggplant can be found in Africa and Asia. 

They arrived in Europe in the middle ages where they arrived via Spain and Italy. There are records of Aubergines in England in 16th Century. It was the Spanish who introduced them to America. Like the tomato, they weren’t used as a food crop for centuries, as part of the nightshade family, they were regarded with caution and were grown for ornamental purposes initially.

They are used as vegetables in cooking but botanically they are actually classed as a berry. 

Italian and Egyptian folklore says that the eggplant can cause insanity!