Organic Cucamelon ‘Solana’


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These cute little grape sized fruits are becoming increasingly popular amongst growers. They look like a mini watermelon but have a refreshing, cucumber taste with a citrusy twist.

Cucamelons are relatively easy to grow either on the ground or up a trellis in a sheltered spot outside or in a greenhouse.

Solana is a productive variety so you can look forward to enjoying these fruits as a snack or as something a little bit different in a salad or salsa! This is not one to miss!

The cucamelon seeds should be sown in trays or modules in the spring. Pot on when the seedlings are large enough to handle. The cucamelon plants can be grown on in a greenhouse or transplanted outside to a sheltered position after the risk of frost has passed. The fruits can be harvested from early summer onwards and should be picked regularly to encourage production.

Seed Story

Cucamelons are native to Central America and Mexico and were first cultivated by the Aztecs. Despite being a traditional crop in these regions for centuries, they were only scientifically classified in 1866 by a French Botanist.

Cucamelons are also known as Sandita which means little watermelon, mouse melon and even Mexican sour gherkin.

Did you know they are actually a perennial plant but they are grown as an annual in this country as they have no tolerance to frost.