Organic Bean – Edamame ‘Green Shell’


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Edamame beans are a type of soya bean that are increasingly popular here in the UK and now you can grow your own!

Edamame is Japanese for ‘Beans on Branches’ to describe their growing habit. They are grown just like a dwarf french bean and harvested while they are young. High in protein and fibre, they are THE trendy snack and often served as an appetiser in restaurants.

Cook the pods whole, then shell at the table – don’t eat the pods! They are often served with salt.

The plants grow to around 60cm in height and there are usually around 3 beans per pod.

Sow the beans in pots or large modules under cover in the spring and plant out after the last frost.

Alternatively you can direct sow after the risk of frost has passed. Harvest the beans when the pods are around 6-8cm long. Sow successionally for a continuous harvest.

Seed Story

Edamame are immature soy beans. The literal translation is branch bean or stem bean. ‘Eda’ means branch or stem and ‘mame’ means bean.

Soy beans have been cultivated in China for around 7000 years and were traditionally grown for nutritional value and to provide sustenance during times of famine. The Chinese called edamame “maodou” which translates to ‘hairy bean’!

Edamame have been a staple in Japanese cuisine for over 2000 years. The name Edamame is often used nowadays to describe the dish served in Japanese restaurants.

In both Chinese and Japanese cultures Edamame are consumed during key celebrations such as New Year where they symbolise growth, prosperity and togetherness.

In Japan, edamame is associated with being outside during the summer and are often enjoyed with a nice cold beer.