a row of radishes laid on wooden bench


Why should I choose Organic Seeds?

There are many reasons for people wanting to grow their own food but often it starts with a strong desire to know where their food has come from and know exactly how it has been grown. For this reason it is often decided to grow food using organic methods with no pesticides or chemical fertilisers. 

Should organic methods only start when the seedlings are planted out? 

By using organic seed you are giving your plants the absolute best start in life. Organic seeds have been produced by plants that have been grown using organic methods. Those plants have had to adapt to their chemical free environment and the challenges that those conditions present. Anyone who has grown their food without chemicals will know that it can be difficult to deal with natural pests and diseases when you are limited with how you are able to fight them. 

Are organic seeds better than conventional seeds?

The type of seeds you buy is your choice and as long as you buy from a reputable seller then you can be confident that either type of seed will be good quality.

Seeds are often selected based on local environmental factors such as soil type and climate. If you are maintaining an organic growing system AND using organic seed then you are giving yourself the best opportunity for a productive growing season.

Supporting Biodiversity

In order to produce seed or food organically organic farmers will create ecosystems. They plant areas to encourage wildlife, natural pest predators and pollinators.  Soil health is also an important aspect of organic and regenerative farming – healthy topsoil is essential to produce food crops and we are losing topsoil at an alarming rate as a result of intensive farming and overuse of synthetic and chemical fertilisers. 

By opting for organic seed you are not only supporting your own growing but also giving your support to organic farming, soil health and biodiversity.

Happy Sowing!