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Summer Savory

Satureja Hortensis – 0.5g – Approx 800 Seeds

Half Hardy Annual

Height: 20cm – 30cm

One of the ingredients of Herbes de Provence summer savoury is a lovely herb to grow. Its delicate leaves pack in the hot, peppery flavour and can even replace salt and pepper in cooking!

It is related to rosemary and thyme and looks alot like a delicate version of rosemary with pretty pinky white flowers.

Affectionately known as the bean herb it is often used in bean recipes as it is known to prevent flatulence!

The seeds should be direct sown from spring to early summer. Thin the plants to around 15cm apart. Pinch the growing tips regularly to encourage a stronger, bushier plant. The leaves can be used fresh or dried. Sow successionally for a continuous supply.

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Seed Story

Summer Savory is native to Southern Europe and North Africa.

The ancient egyptians used it in love potions!

The Romans used it to relieve tired eyes, indigestion and for rubbing on stings to bring relief.

Summer Savory makes a good companion plant for broad beans as it will help to prevent black fly.

As a tea it can stimulate appetite, ease indigestion and flatulence!