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Spinach 'Giant Winter'

Spinacia Oleracea – 5.5g – Approx 500 seeds

An annual Italian heirloom variety

Giant Winter is a hardy winter variety with large savoyed leaves that are packed full of goodness!

These spinach seeds should be sown in succession in spring and in late summer/early autumn. Leaves should be harvested individually when large enough.

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Seed Story

Spinach is believed to originate from Persia. From there it was introduced to India, China and Europe

Spinach was known in the Mediterranean in the 10th Century and in England in 14th Century.

It has a high nutritional value and became popular due to its availability in early spring when other local vegetables were scarce.

Catherine de Medici was said to love spinach so much she ate it with every meal when she was Queen of France. She was originally from Florence, Italy and to this day the word Florentine is given to foods containing spinach.