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Seasonal Salads - The Autumn Collection

Do you love growing your own salads throughout the seasons?

We have put together this fabulous little collection of salad leaves which are perfect for sowing now to set you up for your autumn/winter salad needs.

Salad leaves are so easy to grow and it is so much fun experimenting with the different flavours and even blending them together for a taste sensation!

In the box you will receive:

  • Lettuce ‘Merveille des Quatre Saisons’
  • Lettuce ‘Lollo Rossa’
  • Spinach ‘Matador’
  • Mizuna
  • Pak Choi
  • Tat Soi ‘Green Coin’
  • Chinese Mustard ‘Green in Snow’
  • Pak Choi ‘Vivid Choi’
  • Wild Rocket
  • Chicory – Witloof ‘Holland Early’
  • Chervil ‘Massa’
  • Kale ‘Rote Krauser’

This collection has been inspired by Charles Dowding’s fabulous book ‘Salad Leaves for all Seasons’

Happy Sowing!



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