Organic Zinnia ‘Dwarf Mix’


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Soil Association Organic Logo           Zinnia Elegans –  0.37g – Approx 100 Seeds    


Height: 30cm  

Flowers: July to September

Position: Enjoys a sunny location

These dwarf zinnias produce mostly double flowers in shades of pink.

As a dwarf variety they are ideal for growing in pots and containers but can also be planted in the border.

Zinnia’s are great plants for attracting pollinators to your garden and also make a lovely cut flower. They will also self seed easily for next year!

Sow zinnia seeds indoors in spring in trays or modules. Cover with a thin layer of compost.Pot on when large enough to handle and plant out after the risk of frost has passed. Alternatively direct sow in late spring/early summer.

Cut the flowers regularly to promote growth and further flowering

Seed Story 

Zinnia’s originate in Brazil and came to Europe in 1796

They symbolise both love and friendship and have long represented celebration and reunion.

Due to their bright colours, zinnia petals are often used as a pretty garnish in salads.