Organic Water Melon ‘Crimson Sweet’

Citrillus Lanatus – 20 seeds.        Soil Association Organic Logo

Water melon isn’t something that is typically grown here in the UK but with lots of love and protection in the early stage followed by lots of water and a nice warm greenhouse or very sheltered spot you can have a successful, albeit small, harvest of water melons!

Who is up for the challenge?!

Sow the seeds on their side in the spring at 21°c. Pot the seedlings on as required and plant into the greenhouse in May. The plants will need lots of water and should be fed like tomatoes. Insects are needed for pollination. Water melons should be ready to harvest in September and October.

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Seed Story!

Did you know the water melon is actually a berry?!

A cousin of the squash and the cucumber, the first recorded water melon was 5000 years ago in Egypt.

It’s red colour comes from the antioxidant ‘lycopene’ which is known to improve heart health. The water melon contains more lycopene than any other fruit or vegetable!