Organic Viola ‘Heartsease’

Viola Tricolour – 0.15g – Approx 200 seeds.        Soil Association Organic Logo

A hardy perennial that is often grown as an annual.

Viola flowers are small and pansy like and range between purple, yellow and white and are often a combination of all three.

Violas are tough little plants and can withstand snow and frost – often used to add splashes of colour to the winter garden. They are a favourite in our winter hanging baskets!

Sow viola seeds undercover in trays or modules in late winter for spring/summer bedding or in early summer for winter colour. 

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Seed Story

Viola tricolour is known by many names;

Heartsease, hearts ease, Johnny jump up, love lies bleeding wild pansy and many more

It has been cultivated in England since 1800s

Violas can be traced back through the centuries to ancient Greece 

In ancient times the plant was used to treat heart disease as it had heart shaped leaves. It has been used in love potions and infusing leaves to make a tea was said to treat a broken heart – which is where the name heartsease came from