Organic Swede ‘Friese Gele’

Brassica Napus – 0.85g – Approx 275 Seeds.        Soil Association Organic Logo

Friese Gele is a traditional variety with a purple top and yellow flesh. it is cold hardy and stores really well.

The seeds can be direct sown in late spring/early summer around 2cm deep. Thin the seedlings to around 25cm apart after a few weeks. Harvest in the autumn after a frost.

Friese Gele may be able to stay in the ground in mild areas until they are required but if you are lifting them for storage then twist off the leaves.

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Seed Story!

Swedes are a cross between a turnip and a cabbage. They are known as Rutabaga in the USA or neeps in Scotland. Some even call them turnips! They were documented by a Swiss botanist; Gaspard Bauhin in 1620 who reported them growing in the wild.

Swedes are a traditional accompaniment to Haggis on burns night

They were introduced to England around 1790.

We use swede in so many ways today in our cooking. They are one of the key ingredients in the famous Cornish Pasty and did you know they are even included in Branston pickle?!

Historically swedes used to be carved and candles placed inside them on halloween – this tradition was later replaced by the pumpkin, probably because the pumpkin is so much easier to carve!