Organic Nigella

Nigella Damascena – 0.5g – Approx 200 seeds.        Soil Association Organic Logo

Nigella is a popular cottage garden annual that is often used in cut flower arrangments.

Nigella flowers are blue, pink and white and they have attractive seed pods which are often seen in dried flower arrangements.

Growing up to 60cm it is also very attractive to bees and insects.

It is known as ‘Love in a Mist’ due to  its flowers being entwined in its lacy, feathery foliage.

Nigella has a very mischievous history!

Direct sow nigella flower seeds in spring or autumn.

Nigella will flower from June – August.

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Seed Story

Nigella flowers are native to Southern Europe and North Africa and has been grown in English gardens since the 16th Century

History tells us that Nigella was often used in love spells, shape shifting and other trickery. It also goes by the names ‘Jack in Prison’ and ‘Devil in a Bush’ which indicates just how potent its magic properties can be!

Folklore says that Frederick I, the Roman Emperor was seduced by a green haired water spirit and subsequently drowned in a shallow river in Turkey. Nigella is said to have emerged at the banks of the river and displays the water spirits hair.