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Organic Green Manure Kit

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Green Manures are becoming more and more popular as gardeners put a greater focus on soil health. Green manures offer a plant based way to keep your soil alive and healthy!

Green manures provide vital nutrients to the soil through both their roots and their foliage. The foliage is usually chopped down and used as a mulch where it will decompose naturally and increase the organic matter content in the soil.

Our Green Manure Kit has been carefully selected to include varieties that are perfect for use in a no-dig garden.

What is in the box?

50g each of:

  • Phacelia (Coverage 50sqm)
  • Red Clover (Coverage (30sqm)
  • White Clover (Coverage 50sqm)
  • Alfalfa (Coverage 25sqm)
  • Buckwheat (Coverage 4sqm)

That’s enough to cover almost 160 square meters of soil!


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Phacelia produces lots of dense foliage which helps to suppress weeds. Its roots will aerate the soil and help to break it up. It can be sown from early spring to early autumn and can be used in any part of your crop rotation. It will also attract bees and other beneficial insects if you let it flower!

Red Clover

Red clover can be used as a longer term solution. It is fast to grow and produces dense foliage which will suppress weeds. The foliage can be chopped down to use in compost or as a mulch and the plants can be left to regrow. It has an extensive root system which will help soil structure and fix nitrogen.  The bees will love it if you allow it to flower. Red Clover can be sown from mid spring through to early autumn.

White Clover 

White clover is also a great long term solution as a green manure lasting up to 5 years! It acts as a weed suppressant and, as it is low growing, is often grown around the base of soft fruit bushes to act as a ‘living’ mulch. White clover fixes nitrogen and will overwinter well. White Clover can be sown from early spring to early autumn.


Alfalfa is part of the legume family. It has deep roots which will retain nitrogen and makes it a good choice for dry soils. It can be grown as a long term crop by chopping it down 2-3 times a year before flowering. The cuttings can be used as a mulch. Alfalfa can be sown from late spring to late summer


Buckwheat is fast growing and produces large amounts of organic matter. To get the maximum yield the plants should be cut down 5-6 weeks after sowing. By using buckwheat to increase organic matter in the soil you will help to improve the soil structure and help it to retain more water. Buckwheat is quick to decompose and can be sown anywhere in your crop rotation. The bees will thank you if you let it flower!