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Organic Celery Leaf ‘Early Belle’

 Apium Graveloens – 0.2g – Approx 500 Seeds         Soil Association Organic Logo

Hardy Biennial

Height: 30cm – 1m

Celery Leaf is also known as Wild Celery, cutting celery or leaf celery and has a similar appearance to parsley. The leaves are highly aromatic and the whole plant smells like celery! Celery leaf has much thinner stalks than traditional celery but the leaves pack in a strong flavour punch!

The leaves, stalks and seeds are edible with young leaves being lovely in salads or even in mashed potato and soups! The seed can be used whole in casseroles or added to bread dough.

The seeds should be surface sown in trays or modules in the spring. Pot on the seedlings when they are large enough to handle and grow to around 10cm tall. Plant out in late spring/early summer. Alternatively direct sow after the last frost. Water regularly.

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Seed Story

Celery seeds originate in Europe and North Africa and they were even found in the tomb of Tutankhamun.

For medicinal purposes the whole plant is used in treatments for osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

In Ayurvedic medicine celery seeds are used for treatments for asthma and bronchitis

Celery seeds produce essential oils which are used in perfumery and even in celery salt.

As a companion plant Celery seeds can help to deter cabbage white fly from brassicas.

Isn’t it amazing how much power a little plant can have?!