Leek 'Atlanta'

Allium Porrum – 0.44g – Approx 200 Seeds

Atlanta is a winter leek. It produces uniform stems with a beautiful blue/green colour. 

It is frost tolerant and high yielding and can be harvested from December through to April.

The seeds should be sown in trays or modules indoors in winter or outside in spring. 

Transplant in early summer when the plants are about 10-15m tall and as thick as a pencil. 

Harvest during the winter months.

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Seed Story

Leeks have been cultivated and traded in Egypt since 2000BC and were popular amongst the Romans who considered them to be a far superior vegetable to onions and garlic.

Leeks are widely recognised as the symbol of Wales. It is believed that in a great battle against the Saxons, a Celtic monk called David persuaded the Welsh army to wear a leek on their helmet to identify which side they were on. The battle was won and the monk became St. David. 

To this day the leek is worn with pride on St Davids Day. 

Throughout history leeks have been popular as a cure for the common cold, to offer protection against wounds in battle and even from being struck by lightening!

It was also believed that if a girl put leeks under her pillow at night she would see the face of her future husband in her dreams!