Courgette 'Nero Di Milano'

Cucurbita Pepo var Cylindrica – 15 Seeds

Nero di Milano is an old open pollinated variety from the Lombardy region of Italy. 

It is also known as Black of Milan and has a very dark green skin which is almost black.

It is a bush variety with an open habit. 

 The courgette seeds should be sown in 8cm pots at around 20°c in mid to late spring. Alternatively they can be direct sown after the risk of frost has passed. Plant out at around 90cm part. 

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Seed Story

Courgettes, also known as zucchini, are summer squashes that are best harvested young when their rinds are tender.

Courgettes were developed in Milan, Italy and are not very old. The first mention of them was only in 1901!  

They are descendants of the squashes found in the Americas which were brought back to Europe by Christopher Columbus. 

Botanically courgettes are actually a fruit but they are treated as a vegetable. 

They are popular the world over although initially the French rejected the vegetable as being too bland but they since changed their minds after the introduction of the famous Ratatouille from Provence!

Did you know 1 courgette contains more potassium than 1 medium sized banana?!