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Borago Officinalis – 2g – Approx 100 Seeds

Hardy Annual

Height: 60cm

I can’t imagine a garden without Borage – the bees relish in its nectar which make it a fantastic companion plant and it is a delight to watch them! It also attracts blackfly to itself.

Its young leaves taste like cucumber so can be enjoyed in a summer salad or in a cold drink – its blue star shaped flowers also look particularly fabulous in a glass of something sparkly!

This is a super easy plant to grow and will self seed so easily you won’t need to buy seeds again!

The seeds should be direct sown during the spring and summer. Harvest the flowers when fully open.

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Seed Story

Borage originates in the mediterranean but is cultivated across Europe, the UK and North America.

The Greeks and Romans believed it provided courage.

As a herbal remedy Borage tea is used to reduce a high temperature as it is diaphoretic (sweat inducing). It also makes a good cold and flu remedy.

No garden should be without this delightful plant!